The Long Conversation: Maximizing Business Value from Information Technology Investment (IE Business Publishing)


Today’s corporations succeed or fail, in part, according to their ability to manage enterprise systems (large and complex computerized systems with cost typically in the millions of dollars). The Long Conversation examines how organizations learn not only to live with enterprise systems, but also achieve goals beyond those they set out to achieve. This book closes the gap between rhetoric and practice. It provides tools to manage the dialogue (and learning) that takes place in diffusing new technological capabilities, growing mastery, and adapting the organization’s business model. It is a must read for those who are interested in enterprise systems implementation.’ Dr Ramiro Montealegre, Professor of Information Systems at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

In our constantly changing complex business world, IT/Enterprise Systems are an excellent asset which can offer great added value to an organization. Implementing such IT and getting the most out of it however can be a long and difficult path with lots of obstacles on the way. One can easily get lost in the maze of technical possibilities. Therefore, especially when ‘rolling out’ such IT at different legal entities of a global operating business, it is of vital importance also to focus on people and processes. The Long Conversation gives a concise overview plus practical hints on how not to lose track and how to keep focused on the issue. Case studies from different industry sectors make it easy to get valuable help and guidance.’ Frank Seeger, Head of Logistics, Bayer Health Care, Madrid

a vital and long overdue book to help Executives understand that deriving value from technology investment is not just about technology, but about the organizational behaviours and processes that give substance to the IT infrastructure.’ Professor John Beckford, Loughborough University & Beckford Consulting, UK

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Oswaldo Lorenzo received his PhD from Warwick Business School (UK), his MBA from IESA Business School. He has also attended the Colloquium on Participant-centered Learning, Harvard Business School, Boston (USA), and a specialized research program at University of Texas (USA).

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