Digital Culture

Digital culture is defined as the set of behaviours and habits developed and applied by managers and employees of an organisation in order to take full advantage of the potential of new technologies, through better use and dissemination throughout the organisation, and with the aim of transforming the business model or organisational models to create value for customers, employees and shareholders.

There are four key behaviours within a digital culture:

  • Customer orientation.
  • Experimentation.
  • Development and/or deployment.
  • Transformational leadership.

Let us start with customer orientation: the most important success factor in a company’s digital transformation is ensuring an outstanding customer experience. In order to do this, a company’s managers and employees must develop extraordinary customer orientation.

Experimentation is a fundamental behaviour for innovation in a digital environment. This behaviour includes the regular use of technology, curiosity to identify new developments and opportunities from technology, and the ability to test new models, processes or products quickly and cheaply.

Development and deployment behaviour include agility in the deployment of projects, development and training of other people, and open and fluid collaboration with other areas of the organisation and/or with other organisations, universities and/or entrepreneurs.

Finally, digital culture requires transformational leaders capable of developing digital strategies, continuously adapting the organisation to take advantage of the potential of technology and leading the shift towards digitalisation.

The success of the digital transformation is down to the people. Developing a digital culture is the basis for success in this new digital age.

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Oswaldo Lorenzo received his PhD from Warwick Business School (UK), his MBA from IESA Business School. He has also attended the Colloquium on Participant-centered Learning, Harvard Business School, Boston (USA), and a specialized research program at University of Texas (USA).

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